Computational methods for complex systems are crucial for the simulation of real systems. This field has attracted a lot of research interests with major achievements in the past few decades. Computational methods on different levels have been developed and applied to simulate materials ranged from single atom to large bio-molecules and even integrated circuits. Various efficient first-principles based methods have been developed, for instance, O(N) quantum mechanical simulation methods and multiscale methods such as QM/MM. As the size of the systems of interest increases, statistics becomes increasingly important. A dialogue between the researchers in statistical mechanics and quantum mechanical simulation communities is desirable.

To learn and disseminate the latest research results of these rapidly developing fields, the Workshop on Computational Methods for Complex Systems bring together the leading experts from Asia, Europe and North America to share their works and knowledge. During the period of the workshop, we will learn and discuss with each other the latest developments of these fields, contemplate new ideas and research directions, and explore the opportunities for potential collaborations among the scientists in this field.