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    Lecture Notes for Physical Chemistry
Year 2
  1. Intermediate Physical Chemistry (CHEM2503) (Powerpoint format .ppt)
Year 3
  1. Advanced Physical Chemistry (Powerpoint format .ppt, updated on 14 Mar, 2010)
  2. Computational Chemistry (Powerpoint format .ppt, updated on 14 Mar, 2010)
  3. Electronic Spectroscopy (Powerpoint format .ppt)
  4. Electronic Spectroscopy (assignment) (rar file)
Postgraduate Course
  1. Research Techniques in Chemistry (Powerpoint format .ppt)
  2. Course Work Download Molecule
M.Sc Course
  1. Computational Modeling of Macromolecular Systems (Powerpoint format .ppt)
  2. Download Molecule
Lab Manuals
  1. Computational Chemistry:
  2. Using LODESTAR to Calculate the Absorption Spectrum of Ethylene (Strucutre file ethylene.xyz)

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